Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Belated New Year!

New Year's Eve was quite boring this year as we were all in bed (daddy, Capt. Duke and I) by 9pm and totally asleep by 10pm. Sleep is becoming more and more elusive for me as each day passes and I get larger, and more uncomfortable. It's funny to think that this is actually the first time that I've managed to be 36+ weeks pregnant! Lukey Duke was born at exactly 36 weeks so I was kinda spoiled in that I never had to deal with the thoughts that maybe this will never end, or that maybe she'll stay past her due date. I really hope that she decides to evict herself sometime soon. I know that she is fully developed and perfectly healthy and I really don't want to have her get TOO big. Maybe it's time to start thinking about some of those tried and true natural induction methods, though the thought of chugging Castor oil makes me want to throw up right now.... We'll see where we can get this weekend... My next doctor's appointment is on Monday so we'll see if we can get my cervix to start working it's way toward the finish line... I'll keep you posted...


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