Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's all scheduled, let's hope we make it there!!!

My doctor's office just called to set up the ECV and Induction on Tues... Check in @ 10:30am (8 hrs. of mandatory fasting before hand in case I need a C-section), start time of 12:30pm, hopefully followed by a successful turn to head down, induction and then Brooklyn's Birthday!!!! If the version is not successful, than I will be whisked into a surgery suite for an immediate C-section and Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

I'm on half days now until Thursday at work and am going to try to go home and take a nap every day for the rest of the week before I have to go pick up the Duke.The car seat is going in today so we will be 100% ready for our little girl to arrive at any moment...I can't believe she's almost here!!!!

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