Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blast from the Past

(Capt. Duke @ 1 year old)

God, my boy has grown up so fast... It seems like just yesterday that he was still a wee one...

Fam Love

My awesome aunts and cousin from LA are going to be here tonight!!!!!! I'm so excited I just might do a little jig... Well, maybe not... Wouldn't want to scare the guys at work with my killer dancin' skills! Anyway, we don't really get to see them as much as I wished we could, and I can barely sit still knowing that they are going to be here in 12 hrs... And, it's the first time that they get to meet Miss Fancy Pants! I bet they are going to melt when they see her laugh like a munchkin crazy person!

On another note, I want to gush about my sis for a second. This girl has endured double shifts, all-nighters cramming for tests, and some much medical jargon memorization that I'm sure my head would have exploded trying to keep track of it all, and now she's done. My baby sister, the little chatty Kathy that used to get notes sent home with her from school for talking to much, is graduating nursing school tomorrow. I'm so proud of you Mel. You have done what I knew I never could. You endured all of the hours of hell to reach your goal and I am swelling with pride. You decided that you wanted to help people for a living, something that most people could never handle, set your feet on your path, and never gave up. You are going to be a great nurse because you are truly a great person. I'm so very proud of you that I can barely find the words... And as I write this with tears in my eyes, I just want you to know how grateful I am to have such an amazing sister. Oh, and I hope I don't embarrass the hell out of you tomorrow by sobbing through the entire graduation ceremony. I love you Melanie...

In the great words of my brilliant little boy, "Aunt Melanie, you're a ROCK STAR!!!!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

March for Babies

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me for the March of Dimes March for Babies last weekend. The walk went great (no blowouts, and mommy didn't keel over and pass out from lack of oxygen) and our team managed to raise an astounding $7800! Denise, the mother who organized the team in honor of her little boy Matthew Jackson Miller who passed away from SIDS last year, organized everything and made it all effortless. She's truly amazing in her ability to stay organized and level headed while organizing such a big event. I got very close to hitting my goal of raising $500 and am quite proud that I was able to complete the full 3 miles. Denise intends on doing the Walk every year and I'm going to do my best to do it every year with her team. It felt really good to raise all of that money for such a great cause...

Friday, April 24, 2009

March for Babies

Please help support me on reaching my goal of raising $500 worth of donations for the March of Dimes March for Babies that the munchkins and I are participating in this Saturday!!!! We're only $126 away!!!! Click the link to the right to donate online so you can print off your tax deductible receipt!

Thank you everyone!!!!

My Shitty Thursday

So, after my kid FREAKING out and screaming his head off for me not to leave him at daycare Thursday morning, I walked into an insurance shit storm. We had received a bill from the pediatrician stating that once of Brooklyn's shots was not going to be covered by insurance so we were going to have to pony up the $95 for the shot.... Long story short, the Ped office billed it out incorrectly and then lied to me when I called in to question the bill. I ended up having to call the insurance company, wait on hold for 15 minutes and handle it myself. Oh yeah, and then when I call back "Cathy," the billing lady at the pediatrician's office, to tell her that I took care of it, she smugly chirps to me that they don't accept our new insurance so I'm, going to have to find a new pediatrician. That doctor has seen both kids from their first day in the hospital after their birth and now I have to find someone else???

An hour and 3 pediatrician's later, I found a lady that I hope is as nice as her profile sounds. Her receptionist managed to squeeze both kids in next month, with minimal shuffling of my work schedule (thank God)... I'm sad to have to go to a new pediatrician but she is much closer than our current one.... Hopefully all will workout...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Looooong Day

I'll fill ya'll in on it in a bit... It's nowhere near over...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The curse of the Giant Noggin!


I'm not going to call this advice, just tips for the newly preggo on everyday things to make life a little easier with munchkins...

Always keep a big storage container at the bottom of your squirt's closet. As you notice that clothes/shoes/socks/misc. gear don't fit or aren't necessary to everyday life anymore, chuck them in the bin. That way, @ 6am when you are rushing to get the small squirmy ones dressed, you don't accidentally try to cram them into something that doesn't fit.

Never say no to hand-me-downs offered for free. You never know what you will find in the bunch, and it's a lot cheaper than having to buy your kids new clothes seeing that they are only going to wear them for a short while and they're going to get covered in kid muck anyway. One of the guys that I used to work with offered me all of his son's outgrown clothes while I was pregnant with Lukey Duke. He's now almost 4 years old and still wears some of the pieces we received for free. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the guy from work's wife had a slight shopping addiction so more than half of the clothes were new with tags still attached, and killer brand names (GAP, Old Navy, Gymboree, you get the point)!

You can never have to many burp rags (cloth diapers). Both of my kids were heavy on the spit up, and having at least 2 handy at all times kept me from getting covered in vomit. Need I say more?

Try, at least try to spend your money wisely on your first child if you are planning on having more children. Buy non gender specific, neutral colored big ticket items (cribs, dressers, gliders, strollers, car seats, bouncy seats, swings, etc.)When it comes time for the next baby, you will already have all of your major purchases in your garage/storage. It can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and having twice the baby junk crowding you out of house and home!

Always keep a bag in the trunk of your car with a spare outfit for everyone, diapers, wipes, plastic bags for heavily soiled items, a bottle of water and paper towels. When you are thrown up on walking out the door at daycare, or your child pukes/blows out an outfit when you are away from home, you have a go to in your trunk. The paper towels and bottle of water are for the BIG messes that wipes can't handle, like Picasso style finger painting of the car seat, window, and child with ketchup, chocolate milk, poop, you get the picture!

Know the phone number for poison control and have it readily available at ALL times. We have yet to need it, but I'm grateful that it's there on a big sticker stuck to the back of my house phone and cell phone, just in case.

There's more, but I can't think without my coffee...

Have a good one!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hot Hubby

How hot is my husband in the pictures below? Nothing is sexier to me than a man lovin' on his kids... Sorry... I just had to mention that...


No More Baby Making

So, after much talking and number crunching, Matt and I have agreed that we are most likely finished having babies. Though I know I could easy handle bring pregnant again, the thought of being out numbered has put an end to that. We got a boy and a girl, both healthy and happy, and that's all that really matters. Hence, on to the task of trying to clear out the ridiculous amount of baby clothes that we have in storage.

I'm pretty sure the last time that I counted we had 7 or 8 HUGE storage containers full of Lukey Duke's outgrown clothes, most in darn new perfect condition. I'm hoping to bring it all to work and offer most of it to the new moms and dads in the office. Anything left will probably either be sold to Once Upon a Child or offered up at a yard sale that we desperately need to have...

If anyone is interested in boys clothes (sized preemie to 2T) or a few pieces of newborn to 3 month girls clothes, let me know.

On to my first FULL week of work, so far so good, we had a great morning, so hopefully the rest of the day will follow along nicely. Did I mention that it is forcasted to be 92 degrees today? HOLY HELL!!! Where did Spring go?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Love

My babies, so different and yet so similar... One a rambunctious boy hell bent on throwing himself off of everything that could result on a trip to the emergency room, and the other, a giggling, beautiful little bundle of thunder thighs, spit up, and glowing gray eyes.

My hubby. The perfect mix of good guy and bad boy. A kind heart, strong hands and personality that could tame any crowd. He's the man who makes me melt watching him tackle our son and then smother him in kisses, while sticking his tongue out and singing to our daughter. He's what I always hoped I'd find and I'm so happy I did...

My family. All very different but fiercely loyal and loving, the way a family should be. My mother the rock, the rational mind, and the ever present shoulder to cry on. My father, the tough-shelled softie, who would do anything for his family to be happy. My sister, the solid responsible student, sweet and kind, and the best aunt and sister I could ever ask for.

My extended family. My aunts, uncles, and married side of the family that I've become so close to since marrying Matt. They support our family at every step of the way and I adore them for that.

My beautiful first baby Reba. My loyal and slightly scatterbrained dog, fiercely protective of her pups ( Luke and Brookyln, of course). To this day she still spends every night sleeping in the hallway, half way between each of our children's' rooms. I am sure that that dog would take a bullet for any of us, with no hesitation. She is what every one's first dog should be.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

3 Months Old

I can't believe my little girl is 3 months old... Has it really been that long? Wow, that went bye far too quickly.

We survived our first week (well, 3 days to be exact) back at work and daycare and I can't even begin to describe how overwhelmed I felt. My job is such that even an absence of a few days can reek havoc on the old skill set, so you can imagine what 3 months did... There are new faces, and some of the old faces are missing, but all in all, I think I'll get my swagger back pretty quickly. At least I can find relief in the fact that I work with an awesome group of women who have my back and are gracious enough to help me when I need it, like say my 3 pumping breaks during the day! I wonder if they realize how much I appreciate the fact that they are willing to help a sista' out? If not, bribery by Starbuck.s will have to do!!!

Back to my doll... She already seems so different, so much older. She's laughing and cooing all the time and can hold her head up when I carry her against my shoulder or in the Bjo.rn, and in a way I'm both thrilled and a little sad. With every milestone she reaches and overcomes, she becomes less and less baby, and more toddler, more "big girl."

What a fragile and breakable little thing she was just 12 weeks ago... So different already... Ah, the joys of being the mommy...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I think I can, I think I can

By my watch, I'm about half way through my first day back at work and I haven't sobbed yet. I have gotten quite close though, while sitting in the arctic quiet room at my office pumping. Having to wash all of the parts after every pumping session ( I'm pumping 3 times a day) looks like it's going to be a hassle, but I think I'm doing quite well. I do feel pretty useless though, things have changed a lot in the 3 months that I was gone from work, so I'm having to ask the girls on pretty much anything I venture on trying to do. They've been amazing, just like I thought...

Oh yeah, my poor feet are KILLING me. It's been 3 months since I've worn anything other than flip flops and I can definitely feel it. Easy dinner planned for tonight and then off to bed early.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The big day

Tomorrow is the big day. I start work again after 3 beautiful, difficult months home. Beautiful because I got to spend countless hours starring at my sweet little girl's face and difficult because I'm just not one of those mothers who is perfectly happy at home with kids all day long. I crave adult interaction and the predictable hum of life while working. Life is much easier when you know what to expect each day, to me at least. I've been sad, excited, apprehensive and nervous all day getting ready to walk out of the door tomorrow. I know my children are in loving and capable hands, but they aren't my hands...

I know we need the second income and I truly miss the girls that I work with, but at the same time, my heart is still breaking a little. I know tomorrow morning, Luke will run in the door at Carrie's and never look back, happy to play with Cameron and his little friends, and Brooklyn is far to young to realize that I'm leaving. But I'll probably cry, just like last time, as I walk out of the door and head off to work.

Bags have been packed and re-packed, the breast pump is stowed away with all of it's parts, my lunch is packed and our outfits laid out... Now if only I can make it to the parking lot at work without mascara streaming down my face...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

All was fun and beautiful today, as every first Easter should be. The whole family came out to watch the kids run around the park pushing and shoving to collect the most eggs that daddy and uncle Justin had hidden so artfully amongst the tall grass and trees. I have a habit of letting go a little on holidays and letting my little boy wolf down as much candy and sweets as he'd like, as long as it only lasts the day of the holiday. So, after hours of sweet tarts, cupcakes, coconut cake, and mini bars, Capt. Duke is blissfully asleep, teeth scrubbed, bathed and ready to face Monday. Brooklyn was a champ today as she was passed amongst the family and only cried here and there to remind me to stop being the hostess and feed her. The kids made out like bandits with tons of Easter baskets filled with stuffed animals, cute tiny outfits and plenty of cars, monster trucks and construction equipment to keep them happy and busy for hours. Matt's best friend Justin, his wife Persia and their munchkins Ava and Dylan even came over to share in the sugar fueled madness. I even got to play a monster round of squirt guns and tag with the Duke which I haven't been able to do for quite a while. All in all, it was an awesome day that was made even better by my mother being the saint that she is and busting out all of the dishes from having everyone over. Now onto the business of preparing myself for the hell that is going to be my first few days back at work. I've made my lists, laid out outfits for both me and the kids for the whole week, and prepped the diaper bag, backpack and my new beautifully gigantic zebra print purse. Still working on the bleeding heart part of leaving my baby at daycare... I'm sure there will be tears, but I know Brooklyn will be no worse for wear. Me on the other hand, might not be so easy...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting ready for the Bunny

We've dyed eggs, we've baked mini peanut butter cookies (because they are the Easter Bunny, aka mom's favorite), are going to bake a coconut cake tonight for the family that will all be here tomorrow, and are enjoying a lazy Saturday... Off to a March of Dimes fundraiser tonight that a friend is hosting for spaghetti and karaoke! Enjoy your Easter.
I can't wait to see my one year older little man racing to scoop up all of the eggs before his little friends get a chance...And my new little girl's first Easter all wrapped up in her frilly pink dress!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I'm tired and I should be asleep right now, but I can't stop watching my girl breathe quietly, her arms twitching...

She's just so cute, and I know in my heart that I'd better enjoy it now as she'll be 3 before I know it and looking like a tiny grown up, curled in her toddler bed...

Why do they have to grow? Can't they just stay tiny and innocent forever??

I never thought my hear could ever have room for more once Luke was born. I never thought I'd love another little person as much as I love him.

I was wrong... Good night sweet baby of mine...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A few things to help a sista out

Here are a few of my new favorite things since having Miss Brookie:

I’ve developed a new found love for our travel system stroller… We never really used it with Lukey Duke but I’ve used it a ton in the last 3 months and pretty much haven’t taken it out of the trunk of the Camry. Oh yeah, that’s one of the best parts about this stroller; it actually fits on the trunk of our car. It’s an Even.flo Eddie Bauer and I’m really proud of myself for picking gender neutral colors (tan, brown and red)”just in case” we needed to use it for baby # 2 and we had a girl.

We were gifted a gently used Peg Pere.go pink infant car seat by my husband’s best friend who has 2 little girls. It’s extremely heavy to carry (which I pretty much never do), but incredibly sturdy and reassures me every time I snap it into the car that if we were in an accident, she’s be safe. I also REALLY love the pink cover!

I found my army green messenger diaper bag at BRU when Lukey Duke was about 2 years old, and I ADORE this bag. It’s not my favorite color, but it is so functional and it can hold so much stuff and the biggest perk has to be the price. I think I paid around $40 for the bag almost 2 years ago and it still looks like new. The entire interior is full of mesh divider pockets, and it can comfortably hold diapers, wipes, assorted butt creams, a change of clothes for both kids, a shirt for me, my digital camera, my wallet, cell phone, keys and chap stick, a changing pad, a “dirty” bag to put anything that’s been slimed, just to name a few.

My Munch.kin mini trash bag dispenser and bag refills. I picked this up at and have since bought a second one to hang in the car. It’s a small dispenser that holds a roll of tear apart scented mini garbage bags that you can clip onto your diaper bag or just through into your purse if needed. These bags really come in handy when you have a child puking everywhere and need a place to stash a bunch of wet, stinky outfits or just need a place to get rid of a diaper when there’s no garbage can around.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Do, To Do....

I think I've mentioned it before, but I have a "slight" addiction to making lists...

My newest list victim is the diaper bag that I need to pack for Brooklyn for daycare (T minus 13 days and counting)and the ridiculous amount of stuff I'm going to need to lug to work each day. We really need to buy an SUV... I know I've had a baby before so I should be well versed in the art of packing too much stuff to go to daycare with my child each day, but honestly, I've really forgotten a lot about when Duke was just a wee bean. I'm thinking 3 changes of clothes, 2 pacifiers, 4 bottles of pumped breast milk, 4 or 5 burp cloths, a light blanket or two, vitamin drops, Tylenol just in case, diapers and wipes.

The stash for work is a whole different story... lunch bag, purse, water bottle ( I try to drink about 80-90 ounces of water a day), breast pump, planner, and a change of clothes just in case Brooklyn yacks on me while I'm dropping her off to daycare.

Oh yeah, and along with all of that, I also need to bring Luke's Cars backpack, baby bear, ghosty bear, his "B" (The blankie that I'm sure he'd have a heart attack without), and a snack for the drive to Miss Carrie's house...

See why we need an SUV?

Off I go to make more lists... See ya' in a bit...