Monday, January 12, 2009

Doc Appt Today

It has begun!!!

I am 2cm dilated and 25-50% effaced, so nature is definitely doing her thing...Unfortunately, Miss Brookie isn't and is now officially out of the room she would need to flip herself on her own. Though I think it was never in the cards for her as she was WAY too comfortable with her head shoved in my ribs!! As of 2 hours ago, she has her head planted firmly between my ribs, dead center, her bum is sitting just above my right hip, and her long lovely legs are shoving on the nerves in my left hip and leg... She did manage to un-pike herself, but she is still considered breech.

So, if I go into labor on my own here in the next week than it's emergency C-section time as they won't be able attempt to flip her due to the muscle contractions.... I'm ok with that, but just in case, we also tentatively scheduled a ECV followed by immediate induction for next Tues the 20th (38 weeks) @ noon, if I manage to stay pregnant that long... So basically I'm going to be a mommy in the next 8 days, no matter what!

Oh yeah, I'm also having intermittent contractions and have been, off and on, since Friday...

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If I were a bettin' woman, I'd think that I might not make it to my last day of work on Thursday!

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