Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Toy

I bought myself a little, well, actually a rather big present today and I'm so excited to get it home and play. I've had a 35mm Canon Rebel since Luke was about a year old and I absolutely love it, other than having to buy and develop film before I can check out my handiwork... I finally caved yesterday and bought myself the same camera, but digital and it was love at first sight. The thought that I can now take as many pictures as I want and edit it down to just those that I'd like to get printed and keep is AWESOME! No more wasting an entire role of film for 3 or 4 great shots....

Cheers to my first photos with my shiny, beautiful Canon Rebel xsi!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Little Fairy

How did this beautiful chunky little thing ever fit into my belly? Eventually I really need to get around to finishing my belly cast, painting it, and hanging it so I can show it off.... It came out amazing (thanks Mom & Mel!) and it really needs to be on display.

Little Piggy

Sweet Potatoes Anyone????

Mommy D

Thursday, September 17, 2009


For the last week or so, my girl has been refusing bottles at daycare. It seems as though she is reverse cycling, basically nursing as much as she can from me and taking the bare minimum during the day from the bottle. I'm not too worried about it, but Miss Carrie is starting to freak out a little. The funny thing is that when we get home in the evening, she's not starving and crying to eat. Yes, I nurse her twice in the evening before bed, but she sleeps for 10+ hours at night and isn't starving in the morning. She's still growing and gaining weight, so I think I'm going to just ignore the panic until I really need to worry about it.

Granted Lukey Duke eats like a bird and you'd think he'd shrivel up from the tiny amounts of food that he actually eats but I think that the whole child portion size idea is puzzling to many. They typically are only expected to eat one tablespoon of food per year of their age per meal. So 4 tablespoons of food per meal is fine but it just looks like a tiny amount of food to us since were used to adult serving sizes...

Should I be worried or am I and Miss Carrie just stressing over nothing?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

8 Months Old Today

Wow.... I know I say this every time, but it's like I blink and she's a month older.... I don't remember it going so fast with Luke! I know we're busy and all but geez! Can't a mommy get a break and enjoy the babyness?

I'm pretty sure Miss Brooklyn is cutting 4 teeth all at the same time... This must be what hell is like! I'm playing, but it's really hard to watch her be in so much pain. She's grabbing at her mouth and biting down on anything she can get her chubby little sausage finger on including her food supply (ouch!), the dog's ears, Luke's nose and pretty much anything else that will fit into Godzilla's little chompers.

She's eating solid food like and champ and in true Dobber baby fashion she absolutely HATES peas, just like her brother. Miss Carrie met me at the door about a week ago as I was arriving to pick up the squirts, covered in green goo and laughing so hard there were tears in her eyes. Brooklyn was wedged on her hip, facing me, covered in peas from the top of her head to in between her toes. Thank god for Carrie because I'm not sure I'd be laughing covered in pea puke... Brooklyn had peas up her nose, smeared in her hair and her eye lashes, and even spackled between her toes. How does that happen? Carrie told me that every time she'd attempt to raise the spoon to Brooklyn's lips she's snatch the spoon and smear the contents all over herself in an attempt to avoid having to taste even one bite. The few bites that did manage to make it into her mouth were promptly spit back with the force of a fire hose. Note to self: Brooklyn doesn't like peas! Do not force that hell upon the child and the sweet daycare lady ever again!

Standing is now WAY cooler than crawling(Oh GOD! Not Yet!!!)and it is rare for me to walk into her room in the morning without getting an impromptu booty dance show of her bobbing up and down giggling like a crazed elf. She's pulling up on everything and I'm guessing that she'll be close to if not totally cruising between pieces of furniture by Halloween.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Video of Brooklyn crawling!

She's getting fast all! I'm so in trouble once she figures out how to walk!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Month 7

I forgot how much babies grow and learn around the 7 month mark...

In a matter of a week she went from only being able to do baby push-ups, to full on speedy crawling, she's pulling up on furniture and her crib to a standing position, and she's got the pincher grasp down! Wow! Cooking dinner at night has become quite the adventure as we try to get food on the table and wrestle 2 kids into staying within our sight. She's mastered "Mama" and "Dada," though I doubt she really knows what it means yet other than it will get our undivided attention. She's still eating like a tank and is probably getting close to the 20lb mark. Her next doctor's appointment isn't until October so we'll have to wait until then to find out. She's doing great at daycare and loves to crawl around on Miss Carrie's floor, chasing after her brother and Cameron (Miss Carrie's son).

Luke is amazing, like usual. He's picking up new and even more complex words and getting better at using them instead of throwing a fit when he wants something or is trying to describe something to us. I picked up a really cool book called "How to teach your child to read in 100 lessons" that we have been hyping up and will probably start working on after his fourth birthday. I'm still planning on holding him an extra year before putting him into Kindergarten, due to his late birthday, so he'll be 5, almost 6 when we enroll him. Carrie's been working with him every day on opposites, writing, identifying letters and patience in preparation for school. If he seems like he's ready for school next year and develops all of the skills necessary for him to enter school earlier than planned, we may consider putting him in early, but we're planning on him being 5 almost 6 when we enroll him. I was the youngest in my class and that was always pretty cool until I got to High School and was the last to get my driver's license and too young to go on my senior class trip. I'd rather he be a little older since boys mature slower anyway and I want him to be emotionally and mentally ready for the amount of patience and concentration required to sit through a day of class.

I finally got a bunch of mini DVR's for our camcorder so I'm going to get too recording Miss Brooklyn crawling and babbling all over the place. I promise to post them as soon as they are finished!