So, I'm not really sure where to begin, but here goes...

My name is Erica and I have the most amazing, beautiful children ever!

I met my husband Matt at a party through a mutual friend in 2001 and we've been inseperable ever since. He has the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen and truly embodies everything I ever wanted in a husband and a father for my children. After living together for 4 years, we very unexpectedly found out that I was pregnant (and almost 3 months along when I finally took a pregnancy test!)... I had just started a new job, had no medical coverage and the timing couldn't have been worse, but we got the greatest gift of our lives: Our beautiful baby boy Lukey Duke, born Oct 9, 2005 @ 5lbs 12oz. almost 4 weeks early.

Fast forward 2 years and after months and months of trying and succeeding only to later miscarry, we were thrilled to find out that our "baby-making" trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico had done the job! We were finally pregnant again and this one stuck! Brooklyn Eve was born Jan. 16, 2009 @ 6lbs. 1oz. In the last two months of pregnancy she decided to buck the trend and stay breech, frank breech at that, so after one last attempt to turn her manually (OUCH!), we headed into the delivery room for a speedy C-section.

Its a crazy life, but a wonderful one full of scraped knees, slobbery kisses and LOTS of photos!

Thanks for Reading!