Monday, December 29, 2008

Heart Attack Mac

So, after an hour wait at my doctor's office today (she was delivering twins), I had my group B strep swab test done (Yum!) and then had my first internal check which showed... Nothing... I was sure those horrendous Braxton Hicks' that I was having were doing something down there! My cervix is still zipped as closed as possible so it looks like my girl won't be arriving until after the new year. It's kinda funny but this ENTIRE pregnancy has been the exact polar opposite of when I was pregnant with Luke and I can prove it by the shocker that my doc laid on me today... Somehow, in the last 2 weeks (mind you it was Christmas people,and Christmas to my family means butter, cookies, butter, prime rib, butter, maybe some heavy cream, oh yeah, and my mom's heart attack mac and cheese that you could Spackle walls with!~) I managed to LOSE 2.5 pounds!!!! How the hell does that happen??? I walk into every appointment sure that I'm going to get a disapproving glance while teetering on the scale, but not for losing weight!! She actually asked me if I was restricting my calorie intake and I politely reminded her that I had eaten a piece of prime rib the size of a small dog for dinner Christmas Eve, if that gave her any idea of how "restrictive" I was being with my diet... Doppelganger pregnancy for sure!

She again reassured me that Brooklyn looks perfect and that she probably already weighs more than Luke did at birth as of now so we are good to go for game day anytime after now. Crazy, I'm going to be a mommy again really soon!

The mom and sis are coming over this weekendish to help me roll my protruding belly in casting material so I can decorate and hang my tummy on Brooklyn's wall.... Figure I should do it now as we have no idea how long she'll actually stay in there!!


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