Thursday, April 16, 2009

3 Months Old

I can't believe my little girl is 3 months old... Has it really been that long? Wow, that went bye far too quickly.

We survived our first week (well, 3 days to be exact) back at work and daycare and I can't even begin to describe how overwhelmed I felt. My job is such that even an absence of a few days can reek havoc on the old skill set, so you can imagine what 3 months did... There are new faces, and some of the old faces are missing, but all in all, I think I'll get my swagger back pretty quickly. At least I can find relief in the fact that I work with an awesome group of women who have my back and are gracious enough to help me when I need it, like say my 3 pumping breaks during the day! I wonder if they realize how much I appreciate the fact that they are willing to help a sista' out? If not, bribery by Starbuck.s will have to do!!!

Back to my doll... She already seems so different, so much older. She's laughing and cooing all the time and can hold her head up when I carry her against my shoulder or in the Bjo.rn, and in a way I'm both thrilled and a little sad. With every milestone she reaches and overcomes, she becomes less and less baby, and more toddler, more "big girl."

What a fragile and breakable little thing she was just 12 weeks ago... So different already... Ah, the joys of being the mommy...

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