Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Love

My babies, so different and yet so similar... One a rambunctious boy hell bent on throwing himself off of everything that could result on a trip to the emergency room, and the other, a giggling, beautiful little bundle of thunder thighs, spit up, and glowing gray eyes.

My hubby. The perfect mix of good guy and bad boy. A kind heart, strong hands and personality that could tame any crowd. He's the man who makes me melt watching him tackle our son and then smother him in kisses, while sticking his tongue out and singing to our daughter. He's what I always hoped I'd find and I'm so happy I did...

My family. All very different but fiercely loyal and loving, the way a family should be. My mother the rock, the rational mind, and the ever present shoulder to cry on. My father, the tough-shelled softie, who would do anything for his family to be happy. My sister, the solid responsible student, sweet and kind, and the best aunt and sister I could ever ask for.

My extended family. My aunts, uncles, and married side of the family that I've become so close to since marrying Matt. They support our family at every step of the way and I adore them for that.

My beautiful first baby Reba. My loyal and slightly scatterbrained dog, fiercely protective of her pups ( Luke and Brookyln, of course). To this day she still spends every night sleeping in the hallway, half way between each of our children's' rooms. I am sure that that dog would take a bullet for any of us, with no hesitation. She is what every one's first dog should be.

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