Friday, April 24, 2009

My Shitty Thursday

So, after my kid FREAKING out and screaming his head off for me not to leave him at daycare Thursday morning, I walked into an insurance shit storm. We had received a bill from the pediatrician stating that once of Brooklyn's shots was not going to be covered by insurance so we were going to have to pony up the $95 for the shot.... Long story short, the Ped office billed it out incorrectly and then lied to me when I called in to question the bill. I ended up having to call the insurance company, wait on hold for 15 minutes and handle it myself. Oh yeah, and then when I call back "Cathy," the billing lady at the pediatrician's office, to tell her that I took care of it, she smugly chirps to me that they don't accept our new insurance so I'm, going to have to find a new pediatrician. That doctor has seen both kids from their first day in the hospital after their birth and now I have to find someone else???

An hour and 3 pediatrician's later, I found a lady that I hope is as nice as her profile sounds. Her receptionist managed to squeeze both kids in next month, with minimal shuffling of my work schedule (thank God)... I'm sad to have to go to a new pediatrician but she is much closer than our current one.... Hopefully all will workout...

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