Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where'd the time go???

I remember with Luke that his room was finished, decorated and totally baby ready long before I went into labor with him @ 36 weeks. I feel like things are far more relaxed and slow and we still have so much to do this time around. We still need to finish the trim, assemble the crib, move the dresser, decorate, paint Luke's new dresser, dig out and install the infant car seat, pack the hospital bag, get the rest of the baby stuff out of the storage unit, and wash and fold/hang all of Brooklyn's clothes. I know it might not sound like much to do, but worst case scenario, we only have 7 weeks from yesterday until I'm 36 weeks like I was when I went into labor with Lukey Duke. That means 7 weekends to knock out all of our chores/tasks and be mentally prepared for our daughter to arrive!! I can't wait to finally meet her... I wonder if she'll be blond like Lukey Duke or have dark hair like me... Maybe she'll get Matt's eyes... Who knows...

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