Monday, November 17, 2008

Ready, Set, NEST!!!!

Here we go! I knew it would hit me full force eventually and I believe that time has finally arrived. I have this overwhelming, aggressive drive to have Brooklyn's room done NOW. Not in a few weeks, or a few days, but now. It's probably the realization that if she follows in her brother's footsteps in any way, she'll arrive early. Lukey Duke graced us with his presence a full 3 weeks early so I have made up my mind that I need to have our little world ready for this sweet girl by the time I hit 36 weeks, just in case of premature poppage. The craziest part of all of that is that 36 weeks is only 6 weeks away!!!! 6 weeks to finish trim, move furniture, wash clothes, decorate, fill my freezer with yummy pre-made meals, install a car seat, pack hospital bags and finally wrap my mind around the fact that for the 2nd time, my world is about to do a full 360. We will walk into the hospital as 3 and leave as a family of 4.

Wow, that still sounds so crazy... I can't wait to meet her though.... I'm so, so excited to be able to hold my little girl.

Oh yeah, all is still (fingers and toes crossed) well on the blood pressure and swelling front. My blood pressure has stayed quite low (120ish/75ish) for the last few weeks, and only a few episodes of swelling after too long shopping trips and wearing heels that I know I'm not supposed to be wearing...

Thank God for my Dad... The man has helped me so much over the past few months that there probably isn't any true way that I can thank him enough. Thanks daddy... I think you may be nesting like me!!

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Lora said...

Thanks for stopping by! I absolutely adore your new blog, and I can't wait to hear how these last few weeks of pregnancy turn out! I love when I don't have to follow the whole 40 weeks, it seems SO long!

Is Lukey Duke excited for his new baby sister? That's always what I love to hear. My son loves babies, until I touch them. He thinks it is his job to take care of them and make sure I don't get anywhere near them.