Thursday, November 20, 2008

Swollen Cankels AGAIN

Really, really tired today as I finally gave in to my fanatical football fan of a husband who's patiently waited to buy a new flat screen TV until last night... Poor Matt had previously been relegated to watching an 11 year old 31" dinosaur so I was really happy for him last night as he signed for the new (BIG) TV, sound system and TV stand/entertainment center. It was like watching a kid at Christmas morning! Anywho... We are now proud owners of a 42" fancy schmancy flatscreen TV, rockin' Bose surround sound system and all the fixin's! It really is pretty cool and I can't wait for Lukey Duke to be able to watch Cars and Finding Nemo on the new TV.

Oh yeah, back to why this is titled "swollen cankels!" I have, yet again, woken up to massively swollen feet and ankles. I guess "normal" swelling is supposed to fully drain after a night's rest, so I'm getting a little paranoid as mine is MORE swollen when I wake up then before I went to sleep. And it wouldn't be so bad if it had only happened once but it's happening twice or 3 times a week and has been for the past 3 weeks. I hope and pray that it is just swelling and not the beginning of Pre-E hell. I really , really don't want to deal with that crap again.

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