Monday, June 1, 2009

Daddy Dates

Luke got totally hooked up this weekend with tons of daddy time.

Matt took him to the Rivercats game Friday night which he thoroughly enjoyed even though it turned out to be the longest game in franchise history at 16 innings! They didn't make it home until around 12:30am but he was so excited that he woke up when we tried to take him out of his car seat and proceeded to tell me every detail of the night at about 100mph. He showed me the giant orange foam finger that daddy bought him, as well as the mini wooden bat and the squishy ball that he caught all by himself as they were tossing them out to fans from the field. It only took a second to wind him down once he got his story out and convince him that he could finish explaining it to me tomorrow, after some much needed sleep. We brushed his chompers, stripped him down to a pull-up and tucked him in, and I swear he was asleep before Matt and I had left his room.... Poor tuckered out little bean!

Then, Sunday afternoon Matt took him to Scandia to spend a little time with Uncle Justin and the batting cages. Knowing my husband, he probably had to buy $50 worth of tokens but Luke came home with quite the stash of goodies that he bought with all of their tickets. All in all, it was a great weekend....I've told him a few times, but I'm really proud of the Hub for spending so much quality time with Capt. Duke. He needs it and I think it reminds him that he doesn't have to share EVERYTHING with his sister.

On to the week ahead. We have back to back doctor and dentist appt for Luke and Brookie tomorrow, as Miss Carrie is closed so she can enjoy the graduation of her oldest son Taylor from high school. Not the funnest thing to do with our day off, but it really helps to be able to knock out a few appointments and limit the amount of time I have to take off from work. I'm running a little lean on PTO so I have to schedule things creatively for now...

Sorry about whipping out all of the old photos of Lukey Duke... Just feelin' a little sentimental today :)

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Jill said...

Erica and Matt -- You have a beautiful family, and you both seem to be loving and growing and learning as we all do. Just wait until you are in your 60's, the kids are (long) gone (hopefully nearby) and the relationship between the two of you -- having shared a near lifetime of the roller coaster called life -- becomes a different kind of deep love and real comfort. I wish for you both a long life, a deep and growing love, and true faith. Love, Jill