Thursday, June 11, 2009

Daddy's Day

I need ideas people. I want to do something meaningful and cute for Matt for Dad's Day and I need ideas. I'm thinkin' of framing a few of his favorite munchkin pictures for his office, but other than that I'm at a loss... He told me all he really wants is a Home Depot card so he can get more plants and such for the yard that he's been working so hard on, but I want to give/do something for him from the kids that is thoughtful but won't cost me a million bucks. Any ideas? I know he wants to get another tattoo with the kids feet prints, but I'm not sure if he wants to do that now... HELP!


Lora said...

I don't have your email to respond to your comment and I don't want to put any details here, but I'm very proud of him and happy for your family!
I grew up in that kind of family and am so glad to be (just about) rid of it in my life. That girl said some very hurtful things yesterday, and I just let her say them but boy did I have a mouthful of stuff I wish I told her. She basically said it was my (and other people's) fault that she is where she is today. Not that we helped her. Grrr.

Mommy D said...

You gotta love people who are always the victim. It amazes me that people can walk through their entire life without accepting responsibility for their own actions.

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Pufferfish said...

I'm so touched that you are still out there following along with my little old "My wife knocked me up" blog!

Your kids are gorgeous--you are so lucky!

Have you thought about creating a photo book? There are some really good ones out there. You can do it on a mac if you have one or you can use a service like Kodak Gallery. They look great and last forever!

Blondie said...

Oooooooo, I think the tattoo idea is a great one.

But photos of his beautiful babies would be a wonderful gift, too.

Good luck with the decision making!

Amelia said...

I tried posting this much sooner but it didn't work! Anyway, in addition to the standard Lowes gift card, I am making Justin a DVD slideshow dealie with pics of him and missy playing with music and whatnot. You can make them for free (the slideshow) on and might have the DVD capabilities in your basic software programs on your puter.