Thursday, June 18, 2009

I figured it out

I think I'm going to go with a framed picture of sorts for Matt for Dad's Day. Probably a nice family photo with a Picasso inspired crayon masterpiece made by the Duke. Hopefully I can find a nice (not too expensive) double 4" by 6" frame so I can put the family pic on the top and the drawing on the bottom. Not totally original, but I know Matt's wanted a picture to hang up in his office, so this should work out quite nicely. Oh, and the ubiquitous Home Depot gift card so he can by more plants/pavers/manly yard tools. He loves him some yard stuff!!!

My dad had his hernia surgery yesterday and everything went "textbook," so says the doc. He sounded pretty trashed on pain meds when I spoke to him after the procedure, but better to be buzzed than in pain. Still haven't decided to get for him yet, but I have a few ideas. Off to Target at lunch to power shop!

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Amelia said...

Try Aaron Brothers for frames. They are surprisingly cheap with a million options!