Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 Months

My goodness! Could she really be 5 months old today? Could it really have been 5 months ago that I waddled into the hospital and walked out a mommy squared? It went by so fast! Before I know it she'll be eating solids and then crawling and then walking... Wait! I'm not ready for that!!! I want my squirming, giggling baby for just a while longer. I'm not ready to be without the tiny onesies, and spit up and drool covered fingers that always seem to find their way into my hair and face. I'm not ready to give up my little appendage!

You think if I ground her or give her a timeout she'll let me have a little while longer of her pudgy, yummy smelling babyness? That's what I thought... Damn it, I'm just not ready!

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