Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I knew it was too easy

Got a completely unexpected phone call last night from my doctor's office that managed to pretty much scare the crap out of me and piss me off all at the same time. Why call a patient at home after business hours if it's not a dire emergency?

So one of the nurses from my doc's office calls us last night @ 7pm and starts the conversation with something to the fact of, "I just got a copy of your ultrasound from your appointment today, and I haven't talked to your doc yet, but I thought I'd give you a heads up that she's probably going to order NST tests." My first reaction was, why are you calling me if you haven't talked to my doctor yet and what the hell are you talking about? The tech at my ultrasound had spent 10 minutes going over every picture of every body part with me and talking about how perfect she looked. The nurse continues with, "well, the baby's abdomen is measuring smaller than we would like to see, and with your history, you are going to need routine NST (non-stress tests)until you give birth to monitor her growth." WTF???

I asked her what she meant by "smaller than we would like to see," and she replied that Brooklyn's abdomen is measuring "a few" weeks behind all of the other measurements taken during the appt (skull, femur, pelvis, you get the point). Now I'm shaking in my seat, trying to keep my voice from quivering as Matt is staring at me puzzled as to why they'd be calling after I just got home bragging about how perfect she looked on the ultrasound earlier that day. I'm kinda in a daze as I hang up the phone and try to re-tell the play-by-play for Matt without bawling my eyes out in front of Lukey Duke.

Fast forward to this morning.

My usual nurse, 2nd in command to my Doc, calls and the first words out of her mouth are to apologize for the "other" nurse calling last night and giving me info that hadn't been run by my doc yet. She then tells me that Brooklyn's abdomen is measuring 3 weeks behind in development and that she really wants me to make sure that I get my PIH blood work done today so that she can give all of the info to my doc together so she can decide how to handle this. I love her because she doesn't beat around the bush and tells me that it's a concern, but that I shouldn't stress out about it and that I'm just going to need more monitoring and hands on care than the average patient.

So, in summary, I'm pretty freaked out.

My sis talked me off the cliff this morning and helped me put it into perspective that Brooklyn is a great size right now (estimated around 4lbs. 7oz.) and that, God forbid, she were born right now, she's be FINE. So, worst comes to worst, my pregnancy gets a little complicated like last time, and I muscle through the next few weeks under constant doc supervision, and then give birth to a perfectly healthy, but probably on the small size, baby girl. Or, it ends up being panic over nothing and she hangs out until her due date... We'll see....

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