Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy, lovely holiday

So, Thanksgiving went off without a hitch (muchos thanks to my Ma!!)... The meal was awesome, everyone's dishes came out great, and it was really nice to have everyone together under one roof and be able to have a nice meal. We were able to send everyone home with a goodie bag full of leftovers and I managed to get a huge pot of ham and lentil soup made with the leftover spiral cut ham and bone... So good!!!

I had an OB appt on Wednesday and got the good news that it looks like my BP is still staying pretty low (120/74) and I only gained a pound since my last appt which is awesome! I was REALLY worried that my BP was going to spike and the scale would reflect a massive weight gain of water from all of that swelling I've had for the past few weeks. My doc is still going to run me through a battery of tests @ 36 weeks to check on Brooklyn and make sure that all is well (non-stress test, blood and urine check, and an ultrasound to check her overall well being and my fluid levels). I'm so happy that she's taking the risk of my pre-eclampsia returning seriously. She's been cautiously optimistic since I first told her I was pregnant, but always reminds me that the incidence of recurrent pre-eclampsia in subsequent pregnancy is usually 1-3 but about 50/50 for me as I developed it during my 1st pregnancy and it was quite severe last time. I was on magnesium during labor, and for 2 weeks following Luke's birth, and not allowed to move because my BP was so high they were afraid I could possibly have a seizure.

Lukey Duke had his 2nd dentist appt On Wednesday and got 2 prizes for being so awesome! The hygienist was amazed that he was so happy to be there and eager to participate at only 3 years old. His teeth look lovely and we were told to basically keep doin' what we're doing as his teeth and gums look perfect.

The rest of our few days together were spent doing chores, making trips to Home Dep.ot for stuff to complete Brookie's nursery and lots-o-laziness! I don't think I've ever spent so much time curled up on our couch in front of the fire watching so many movies and cartoons! It was awesome and much needed....


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