Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spoons, Cereal, and Snot Bullets

Cookie (aka Brooklyn) had her first bite of baby cereal on the 7th! I had the box in the cabinet and was saving it for the right moment when she started looking interested in food and seemed like she was ready. For the week or so prior she was absolutely enamored by the sight of any of us eating and would try to imitate the moth motions and reach out and grab food or silverware out of hands. I sent the box and a few soft plastic spoons off to daycare that day and basically told Carrie that if she tried to feed her cereal and Brooklyn was totally not interested, to not push it and we'd wait for a few more weeks.

When I went to pick the squirts up from daycare that day, Carrie was cracking up as she told me that after the first tiny taste, Brooklyn basically snatched the spoon out of Carrie's hand and attempted to shovel the entire bowlful into her mouth. I guess Carrie wasn't spooning fast enough huh?! I guess the funniest part was that Cookie is still lacking the hand coordination she would have needed to actually get the spoon into her mouth, so she proceeded to plaster her face, hair, nostrils and Carrie's arm with baby cereal in her futile attempt to snarf down the cereal. And while the cereal painting fest was happening, Luke decided that it was a good time to come in the room and make Cookie laugh, causing her to fire snotty, cereal bullets out of her nose and all over Carrie while Cookie laughed like a little lunatic. What I wouldn't give to have been there with the camcorder rolling!

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