Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Jared Box Project

I have set myself a goal of making at least 50 Jared Boxes by Christmas that I will be delivering to a local hospital for children being admitted/receiving treatment. Please take a peak at the blog I created for the project. My only goal is to make kids smile a little while being faced with scary and sometimes heartbreaking situations. Thanks for looking and helping me reach my goal!


Lora said...

I will be out your way! Email me if you just happen to wander over to tahoe! we are there a couple days, then up to Quincy for some quiet time.

Thank you SO much for the seatbelt tip. I wouldn't have known otherwise!

Mommy D said...

No problem! It was such a bitch to get that seatbelt undone! We almost missed our connecting flight from Phoenix to Cabo!!!! Have fun!!!