Friday, May 8, 2009

Farty Friday

What is it about Fridays that just makes everything better?

It makes my coffee taste better, the commute to work almost enjoyable, and that early morning shower feel like heaven. I woke up totally exhausted like usual ( I need to start enforcing a bed time for myself!), dreading the mountain of things that I have to do today, but my sweet baby girl made it all better... I kinda rushed through my shower this morning as I could hear her rolling around in her crib and fussing a little and I had to be fully dressed and makeuped before I went to change her and feed her. So, I walk into her room to wake her up and get her ready for her day and she's laying sideways in her crib giggling at me while trying to shove her fingers down her throat in an attempt to find her thumb. I get her up on the changing table pull of the onesie she slept in and start changing her diaper. All of a sudden she lets out this massive belly laugh pulls her knees to her chest and lets out this rumbling, fat truck driver fart that practically rattles the walls! I start laughing my head off, Matt comes in the room and starts cracking up and Luke hangs his head around the door and tells me that I need to say excuse me when I fart that loud.

How is it that a gassy, laughing baby can make just about any day better, especially a Friday?

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