Tuesday, May 19, 2009

4 Months Old

My girl is 4 months old... Craziness I tell 'ya! We had her 4 month shot/doctor's appt today with the new pediatrician and I think I love this woman.... She's funny and articulate and can speak English! Hallelujah!!! She growing right on track with where a breastfed baby should be at 4 months and she's hitting all of her developmental milestones on time or early. It was funny to listen to the doc ask me about her rolling over and attempting to communicate by cooing and smiling as she's rolling all over the exam table and laughing her head off... Here is the stats for Miss Brooklyn:

Weight: 12lbs 9oz. -- 45th Percentile
Height: 24.5in. -- 50th Percentile
Head Cir.: 41.25cm -- 60th Percentile

Then came the dreaded shots. She screamed at the nurse with her high-pitched shriek for a bit but was ok within minutes after nursing and getting her teething ring to chew on... Here's a clip of her rolling around on the bed... Sorry about the quality. It was shot with my POS cell phone. LUVS!!!


Blondie said...

LOVE the video! Little Brooklyn is adorable. She'll get that rolling thing quickly... she's already on her way!

Thanks for sharing.

Mommy D said...

I know... It's going SOOO fast this time around... Her doctor was mentioning starting solid foods at that appointment... It still feels like she was born yesterday...