Monday, March 30, 2009

Why would I try this on my own?

I got the fancy idea to cut Lukey Duke's hair on Sunday all by myself. It's growing on me but Matt and I had a pretty damn good laugh about 10 minutes into my hack job. Luke comes running out of the bathroom with what looks like a reverse mohawk, a shaved stripe down the middle of his head and crazy curls all along the sides. To top it all off, he ran out of the bathroom naked (he didn't want to get hair on his shirt), and screaming like a crazy bum (the hair was itchy, hence the screaming and running to try and knock off some of said hair)and almost took Matt out as he rounded the hallway and headed in a lap around the house back to the bathroom. I could hear Matt laughing all the way in the living room. It looked pretty damn bad ya'll... About 10 minutes later I had it pretty much fixed and he even let me trim around his ears! It's growing on me, but I don't think I'll be cutting his hair again... I should have taken pictures during the process, so damn funny!! Anyway, good night all!

By the way, we are on the 7th night of Brooklyn sleeping through the night!!!!!

Finally sleep, beautiful sleep...

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Lora said...

I wish I could see pics, but I can totally picture it!

My code word down there is FRUCT

I'm guessing that's kinda how it looked at first! I tried cutting Jake's hair once.