Friday, March 6, 2009


Why is it that I feel completely incapable of writing about anything other than my munchkins? I swear that other things are actually important to me and the world doesn't revolve solely around Luke and Brook but damn, I am really boring to read lately! I guess I can't help it. When you are stuck in a vacuum spending all of your time at home taking care of kids, there really isn't that much happening around here right now that I care to chat about other than my babies.
I can't believe that it's been almost 2 months already since Brooklyn was born... God how time flies when you're surviving on 4 hours of sleep (on a good day). I'm already starting to worry about how insanely difficult it is going to be getting two children and myself ready for work/daycare in the morning. I'm probably going to start back at work on a Wednesday or Thursday so we can dry run it a few times without having to pull a full week right off the bat. Any ideas on how to get all of us out the door in the morning fully dressed and still maintain a little sanity?
I think I'm going to take a stab at starting the hell that is sleep training little Miss Brooklyn this weekend. I swore that I wouldn't be "one of those parents" who has their baby sleep with them at night but it is impossible to get her to sleep without tons of screaming. On top of her wanting to nurse ALL NIGHT LONG, I also am at a quandary because I think I'm allowing her to use me as a pacifier because I don't want to disturb Matt and Lukey Duke's sleep... My parents brought over Luke's twin bed from their house and put it into Brookie's nursery so I think I'm going to sleep in there with her this weekend and hopefully get her to sleep in her crib by Sunday night. Pretty ambitious I know, but I really don't want her in our bed anymore for her safety and for our sleep... Wish us luck!

Oh yeah, remember that smile I mentioned a few days ago? I finally caught a picture of her grinning!

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