Thursday, March 12, 2009

Too much junk

Ever feel like you're swimming in stuff?

It seems like every child we have we end up accumulating three times the "stuff" that we had before. I heard that babies came with a lot of gear, but I didn't imagine that I wouldn't be able take more than 2 steps without tripping over/stubbing my toe/banging my head on a piece of child paraphernalia. Between the rocker, vibrating seat, car seat, and play yard I'm already out most of my living room/Duke's toy room and that's not even accounting for all 900 of his cars scattered across the floor. We have instituted a rule that if his cars aren't picked up and stowed away somewhere before he goes to bed than they are on "time out" for a day. It has really helped to reduce and occasionally eliminate the flying swan dive induced by stepping on the tiny cars from hell at two in the morning. I was really hoping to limit the amount of "stuff" that was inevitably going to overtake my house once Brooklyn arrived and for the most part we have. I vowed to donate/resale anything that wasn't absolutely necessary to provide me with a measure of sanity during the day so we settled on a rocker, Luke's old play yard and the only thing that allows me to be able to enjoy my shower in the morning, the vibrating/singing papisan chair. It's funny to watch her when she's in it as it works it's voodoo on her and slowly vibrates her into submission! She'll fight being strapped in, but once it starts it's magic and I flip on the fan in the bathroom, the mix of movement and white noise puts her out every time. Thank the baby gear gods for the vibrating seat!!!

Anyway, off to rummage through the Duke's old baby clothes and collect anything of interest for our upcoming yard sale.

The joy of purging!!

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Lora said...

I totally screwed up my email contacts and now I don't have your email addy anymore to say thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm such a flake. Thank you!