Thursday, February 26, 2009

B.B. (Before Babies)

Mi Casa - Cabo, Mexico 08

Crazy to think back at what brought Matt and I to this place.

A party at a friend's house, a few drinks, and an obnoxious remark and now we are "mommy and daddy" to two beautiful little babies.

I still remember the night that we met, my friend Robyn had invited me and the flavor of the month (aka. the boyfriend at the time, Dave) to a party at the house where she lived with a mutual friend and her boyfriend Justin. I spent much of the night being annoyed by boyfriend Dave (who I consequently sent home by himself that night) who was whining that he wanted to leave while I was busy staring at this beautiful blond arrogant thing sitting across from me most of the night. I ended up sending annoying boyfriend home, deciding to stay the night with Robyn and see if I could get anywhere with hot blond guy Jesse... Obviously, things didn't go anywhere with Jesse, but I did end up hitting it off and falling hard for Matt that night. The next day I told annoying boyfriend Dave to take a hike and have spent every moment with Matt ever since. He and I still are floored by how that one meeting turned into living together, then getting pregnant with Luke, getting married, buying a house, and finally getting successfully pregnant again and having our beautiful baby girl.

Things could have gone so different but I'm so happy that they didn't... I love my hot husband, I love my wild and crazy son, I love my gorgeous daughter and I love my life...

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Lora said...

that is so much more romantic than my story! (we were next door neighbors in the dorm. convenience. relationship. marriage. yawn.)