Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation Next Week!

So we are headed out for our yearly 1 week vacation as of this Sat and we are so excited! Matt & I have both been totally checked out at work for the past few days and are starting the daunting task of packing... We're still trying to figure out how we are going to get 2 kids, 2 car seats, a tandem stroller, a cooler full of a weeks worth of food, toys, clothing, beach toys and ourselves into our Toyota Camry!!

Our itinerary:

** Sat night into Sun morning: Head to Vacaville and spend the night at Grandpa's new house :)
** Sun morning: climb back into the car and drive from Vacaville to Marina (right outside of Monterrey)
** Sun night: Spend the night at hotel on the beach in Marina, play in the sand and enjoy some seafood
** Monday morning: pack everything back into the car and head up to Pacific Grove to our beach house on Lover's Point

** Monday night: Dinner at our favorite restaurant in Pacific Grove, Fishwife

** Tuesday morning: Spend the morning / afternoon @ the Monterrey Bay Aquarium

** Tuesday afternoon: Lunch at the Fish Hopper and then back to the beach house for a nap!

** Weds: Play on the beach and enjoy some relaxing kiddo time :)
** Thurs Morning: Going to attempt a hike at spectacular Point Lobos; we'll see how far we can get with 2 kids!

** Thurs afternoon: Pack everything up and head back home... Boo!


Robyn said...

That sounds fantastic! That's lots of good relaxing time on the beach. The kiddos will love it. Have fun!

Mommy D said...

I wish I had a packing genie! Can't wait to be there chasing muchkins on the beach :)