Friday, July 16, 2010

Monster to Flea

Funny how facing down a fear and coming to terms with it makes it almost inconsequential.

Now 3 months post discharge of our BK, we are 40 points shy of a 700 credit score, just like that. Crazy, huh? I've been spending a lunch a week at work correcting mistakes on our credit reports and disputing errors with the 3 bureaus and I've managed to FINALLY get everything to report correctly. Funny how trying to convince banks to report your account as included in your BK is ten times harder and time consuming than the actual BK.

We've been saving the equivalent of our mortgage payment plus some every month, and have built up enough to be at peace with leaving this house and heading forward on our journey. I will be sad the day we lock the door for the last time, but losing the house doesn't mean we lose our memories....

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