Friday, July 30, 2010

The Prep

*Clean out car and car seats (no week old Cheerios or pirates' booty from April allowed!)
*Pack mondo bag for all 4 of us, try to make it all fit in one bag
*clean house so when we return exhausted, we can crash, not clean (re-visit idea of cleaning lady... Oh how I need you!!!!)
*Empty garbages, an 80 degree house that smells like week old diapers is NO BUENO
*Kiss big, spoiled pup: sad she can't come with us, set thermostat to keep DIVA comfy
*Write out, scratch out, re-write packing lists: panic over forgetting something
* Sit, chill, and enjoy a beer... Anything forgotten (other than baby bear or Lukey's B) can be replaced, the only thing that matters is time with my babies.

*** See you there! ***

Trip highlights and photos to follow as soon as we can figure out how to fit all of our crap into our car :)


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Have fun! The prep isn't usually very great, but it's better than the unpacking at the end...

Denise said...

Worst part of vacation for me :P I honestly have to scrub the entire house before we leave to go anywhere overnight, otherwise I stress out super bad before I get home lol.

Mommy D said...

I got the entire house clean and ready for our return on Friday. I've only noticed 2 things i forgot to pack so far and they weren't a big deal... In the truck and headed to the sea :)