Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Being a girl is hard work!

I swear, in the past month I've spent more time waxing, tanning, smoothing, exfoliating and bleaching then I ever thought possible.

I've never been one of those women who dedicate a large amount of time to my appearance, until lately. I mastered the art of the 10 minute makeup application after Luke was born, and have worn my hair scrunched with gel and still wet from the shower to work more times than I can count. Not that I don't CARE about how I look, I just value my sleep more than manicured nails and a perfect blowout.

In preparation for my sister's wedding I re-opened my tanning membership 3 months ago (from when we went to Mexico 2 years ago)and got right down to the task of not looking sickly and pale by D Day. This task is probably pretty easy for most people but thanks to my mom's french skin, low and slow has been the name of the game. I've learned through horrible experience that attempting to rush a tan on my skin can result in purple-toned sunburns followed by weeks of itching and peeling, followed again by sickly pale skin.

I know it's not very good for my skin but I'm really enjoying the little kick in my self-esteem's ass that it has given me. Riding the self-esteem high, I then began bleaching my teeth about a week ago and have a shopping trip planned for my lunch on Friday to go pick up a new pair of Spanx. What, you don't know what SPANX are? Where have you been? My Spanx and I are BFFs. I actually bought my Spanx right before I returned to work after Miss B to give me a teeny bit of extra confidence in my pre-baby work clothes. Boy do they rock!!!! Off to buy a brand new one for the wedding!!!



Denise said...

There have been some new studies out that have a lot of doctors suggesting those that burn easily, have a hard time tanning or that have incredibly fair skin start tanning on a regular basis. The thought is that having a steady and consistent base tan can help prevent sunburns and therefore lessen your chances of skin cancer. I even know some pregnant ladies whose doctors make them tan lol.

Mommy D said...

Good to know! After my yucky burn I've made an effort to tan slowly and it's paid off... I'm tan and not burned and happy :)