Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Weekend

So the Davis Picnic Day thing was a bust...

We made a valiant effort to pack a picnic, dress the kids comfy and get down there, but the traffic and weirdo Gods were against us. For my hubby, if a trip starts out with 30 minutes of bumper-to-bumper traffic, count it as a bust. He was actually texting me from the drivers' seat that "Davis and traffic suck," and he wanted to just keep driving straight to Vacaville and find a park for the kids to play in there...I asked him to suck it up and try to muscle through just a drive-by to see what the campus looked like and we'd decide then.

We were totally expecting this:

But got a lot more of this than we wanted:

We were watching beer pong tournaments on the lawn of the frat houses across from the campus, and were amazed to see kids kicked back in lawn chairs in the center divide enjoy a few beers and acting like they were tripping and falling in front of the oncoming traffic!! How fun, NOT!!!

We kept driving.

By the time we hit Vacaville, Lukey Duke was beyond antsy to get out and run... We parked at a park by Grandpa John's house and saw a beautiful site... A baseball field, open to run on, with the bases still in the ground! Most fields are open to the public but rarely do the little league coaches leave the bases, so we took full advantage of the rarity!

Check it out!

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