Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oct 7th, 2005

Right about this time 4 years ago I was laid up on my couch on mandatory be rest hating life and praying to go into labor. The day before I'd had what would become my last prenatal appointment with my doc, over 2 cm dilated and nearing 100% effaced, having gained another 5 pounds of water weight in 7 days, my BP resting well over 165, and my ankles swollen so badly that my doc was afraid that the skin would split, she sent me home with the phrase, "well, if you happen to go into labor this weekend I'm on call so I'll be the one to deliver you." As luck would have it, I did just that. That pregnancy pretty much sucked the entire time but it was SO worth it and we were so lucky to have a healthy baby after the pregnancy induced hypertension and pre-eclampsia. It was so rough to be terrified at every doctor's appointment, wondering if this would be my last day up and walking around and worried that I'd be put onto bed rest in the hospital.

Crazy that it's already been 4 years... It flies by so damn fast...

(picture is of my last day at work... About 2 weeks before he was born... Check out my ankles! I had to wear flip-flops to work for more than half of my pregnancy from my feet being so swollen!)

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