Wednesday, October 21, 2009

9 month doctor's visit

Brooklyn had her 9 month well baby visit yesterday. She is 16lbs. 10oz. (30% percentile), 27 inches long (50% percentile), and has a 45.5 cm head circumference (90% percentile). They gave her the mandatory 9 month vaccines that she took like a champ and then did a blood draw to check for anemia as she is a breastfed baby and I guess anemia is quite common for breastfed babies. The blood draw came back negative for anemia and then we headed off to have her hips X-rayed to check for any issues related to her frank breech positioning while in the womb. Her hips checked out just fine which means we have a happy, healthy growing girl!

Yesterday also marked the end of our breastfeeding. I was getting to a point where I wasn't really producing much during my 3 pump sessions at work during the day and it was really starting to wear on me. Though I LOVED breastfeeding her and she made it ever so easy, we decided to start weening a few weeks ago and she had her last taste last night and it made me a little sad. It really is quite an amazing thing and it is incredibly empowering and I am quite proud of myself for making it so long. We kept on going through growth spurts and 3 outbreaks of excruciatingly painful thrush, and I am sure that it is the main reason she hasn't had anything but 1 cold in her first 9 months of life. Cheers to Boobies!


Lora said...

I had such a hard time weaning MYSELF off nursing. I remember the last time I did it, I snuck away from my friends and family and told them I was looking for something upstairs and I was secretly nursing Jake.

That's just sick.

That's when I stopped.

And of course I was glad to be done, and he was fine and healthy, but it was still hard.

You did a great job!

Mommy D said...

It really was MUCH harder for me than it was for her... Just a super hard tug on the heartstrings.... I'm proud of myself for lasting that long but I am so happy to have cut the cord and to be free of it. It's nice to have my husband more involved with feeding her so he can bond a little better with her....