Wednesday, September 30, 2015

So, Hi. My name is Mommy D and I am the world's worst blog updater. I keep telling myself I will blog and then life happens and I don't remember for like A YEAR. No seriously, A. YEAR. 

  Ok, so now that that is over here i am again for my hopefully more than once a year update since a whole bunch o' crap can happen in a year! Ready for updates? 

So this happened. Yep another furry baby, another rescued monkey to add to our rag-tag group. He's a diva and ex-breeding stud so there is a lot of stuffed animal humping in our house right now oh, and a lot of pug-twerking.... Who knew pug-twerking was a real thing? Seriously I thought I captured some monumentally rare and hilarious incident of the pug twerking against a pillow and was going to be a Utube sensation but alas it's pretty common.... Really I swear check it out. MIND. BLOWN. 

And this happened. The truck I loved so much is no more. She actually turned into a money pit beast that after $7000 in repairs over 3 years just became too unreliable to keep. Tears... Seriously though I loved that truck but only really miss it when it rains and when I have to take all 3 pooches to the vet. Straight clown car action with one riding shotgun, and one sitting in each of the kids booster seats.... I need to get a picture of it. Nice to pay $90 a month in gas instead of $500!

And this beautiful little thing happened :)This is my niece Malia who shares a birthday with my daughter to the minute. Literally to the minute we made them double check.... Yes my friend is an amazing photographer/baby posing ninja - check her out! See (Book of Face) In The Moment Photography By Leila 

There's more but my fingers hurt, I'm out of practice ya'll :) 

Love you long time, hopefully see you sooner than later. Catch you on the flip side. hahaha, get it?

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