Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Been Awhile....

  Boy how time flies when you're busier than hell. Life is good, really good right now and I just sort of chose to live in the moment for the past almost year and devote less time to blogging and cataloging things we were doing. Lukey Duke will be 7 years old in about 3 weeks and Miss Brookie is about 4 months away from her 4th birthday. We're shockingly still living in the same house (still payment free as the bank has apparently not noticed we haven't made a payment in over 3 years) but Mommy D got a HUGE upgrade in transportation and has been loving every minute driving my new 2006 Expedition. The extra space is AMAZING! How the heck did we ever survive in our tiny Camry before?

  I got the chance to switch things up at work and took a chance on a new position that I wasn't sure I wanted but it's worked out to be the best career decision I've ever made. I'm now processing loans instead of just mindlessly generating disclosures and I truly love the chance to actively participate in the mortgage process now. The pay is also much higher which always helps and I'm learning a skill set that I can take with me to any other company god forbid I ever needed to find another employer. Hubs has moved up the ladder to managing all of the sales techs at the private company he works for and other than having to deal with pissed off customers, he's happy to be in a cushy desk job :)

  Luke just started first grade and is becoming quite the reader and although he's pretty bored at school (most of the other kids are no where near reading) his teacher & I have worked out extra homework and assignments to keep him motivated and learning at his pace. He's getting SUPER tall. I'm not sure where the heck those genes came from seeing as Hubs and I are both on the shorter side but it's fun watching him sprout!

  Brookie is truly a character. It's the world's biggest understatement to say she's animated. This girl has the gift of personality and gab like crazy! Most of the time I forget I'm talking to a 3 year old. She's got these big doe eyes and is learning very quickly how to get exactly what she wants!

More later (I SWEAR!) gotta work :)

Missed you more than you know!

Mommy D


Lora said...

checking in on you Momma! I hope you are all well and happy.

Mommy D said...

Busy, busy, busy..... Foreclosure finally went through, moved, lots of changes :) Life is good though!