Friday, May 24, 2013


Life is crazy, life is busy but damn it's good :) Run down of the first half of 2013:

  • Foreclosure went through on our old house, packed and got the hell out of dodge with absolutely no regrets.
  • Found an amazing rental owned by a friend of a friend that is HUGE, in the area we've always wanted to live in, down the street from the river, etc. You name it this house has it and rent is less than the old house payment, go figure!
  • Adopted a new pup to add to the brood. His name is Marley, he's now a one year old 75 pound beast of drool and love :)

  • My children are GIGANTIC! No really, they are growing so fast I can't keep up!!!! WTH? Capt. Duke is 7, just finishing up 1st grade and becoming quite the gamer. Brooklyn is 4, full of attitude and the best egg cracker and scrambled egg cook I've ever met!
  • I'M HAPPY. That sounds weird and cliche, but I'm really, really happy. the 3+ years of house drama was so stressful and so draining that when we left both of us finally felt alive again. I really thought it would make me sad and I'd reminisce, but I haven't and I have no regrets what so ever about what happened and what we had to do and the direction we took our lives and our family.

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