Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cioppino: Best Ever!

We got a sweet tip off from one of the girls that I work with about a fish market in Marina that won the Cioppino battle on Bobby Flay's "Throwd@wn..." So, one our way down to Pacific Grove we stopped off at Phil's Fish Market for a little grub before checking into our hotel. The Cioppino was AMAZING, to say the least. They serve it family style, one giant bowl and two serving bowls for each of us.

We sat out on the deck, watching the fog roll in and allowing my crazy munchkins ample room to run around like crazy people. The clam chowder was, wait, I have to whisper it, it tasted like something my mom would make (in her less healthy cooking days), but better. I tasted clams, potato, carrots and celery, and a TON of butter and cream. It was beautiful.

I can't even begin to describe the Cioppino. It was tomatoey, and fishy and crabby and all so amazing. There was a TON of seafood in each bowl and I only wish we had had time to savor it. I can tell you that I think it was the best I'd ever had, even if I was trying to catch run away kids the entire time :) I think we did pretty good with our meal :)


Dad and Mom said...

rongseSounds yummy (like something I would have made in years past....). Thanks for the blog....I'm following.... Mom

Mommy D said...

It was AMAZING. Not many foods in this world that can leave me speechless.... Enjoying all of the time to relax and enjoy being a mom...