Thursday, March 25, 2010

Testing the density of objects with her head

My poor baby girl looks like I've beaten her with a baseball bat... In the past few days she's into. smashed her forehead into countless objects around the house and it's giving me a heart attack. I'm trying to remember that it's just part of the walking/running stage and she'll be fine, but it's hard to watch. I try to keep her away from things that look like they may wreck her tiny head, but she always seems to smack into them. Her latest talent was acquired by watching her brother climb onto our well-loved leather couch, and then run back and forth across the cushions before throwing himself backward onto the couch... I went to refill her sippy yesterday and as I turned around I heard her mischievous little giggle and saw her pull her booty onto the couch and proceed to wobble back and forth from end to end... I luckily got to her before she attempted her back inward triple axle onto the cushions but it about stopped my heart.

The girl has NO fear. I mean none. She runs full force down the driveway toward impending doom if she manages to get out of our front gate and loves to attempt somersaults over the dog. I'm seeing many trips to the Er in our future. It really helps to have a nurse in the family!


Lora said...

I think it's wonderful that she's all black and blue. Well, not really. But exciting that Brookie is up and running. I miss that stage.

But I don't miss the head careening into everything. I swore my kid was going to be a half-wit due to multiple head injuries.

Mommy D said...

She doesn't even fall/run into things half-heartedly like she's attempting to slightly protect her precious little brain.... It's like a full speed, out of control Narcar-esque collision with the offending object. I'll be the luckiest woman alive if she manages to not knock out her cute little beaver teeth that we waited so long for :)

Girl is going to be hell on wheels, my spidey-sense tells me so!!!