Friday, November 6, 2009

Freaky Friday!

What is it about Fridays that just make everything seem so much better? That extra jolt in the morning to get up and get movin' and get this day over with so I can come home and spend some real time with my kiddos. We'll probably bit the bullet this weekend and take Duke in and get his hair cut on Saturday morning. A local boy was paralyzed while playing on his high school football team and a barber shop downtown is doing a fundraiser for him, so we'll more than likely take him there. We also have a birthday party to attend on Sunday as well as the normal weekend chores of laundry, making Brooklyn's baby food for the week, sweeping/mopping the floors (that seems to get dirty the second after they dry), making lunches and as always, hosting football Sunday.

Have I mentioned how much my hubby adores football? He's actually obsessed with it and the TV pretty much doesn't turn off from Sunday morning to Monday nights' game. I hate it, but it's his thing so I put up with it....

What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun and exciting? ENJOY!

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