Thursday, June 17, 2010


After both kids coming down with the flu last week and puking all over every soft surface in the house, the hub and I managed to both catch it at exactly the same time, laying us both up to the point that "SUPER GRANDMA" had to step in and save the day earlier this week...

We both were shaking with fever, not able to keep ANYTHING down and still had two munchkins that felt great and wanted to play. In true super trooper fashion, my mom was there with bells on in a flash! It's hard for me to imagine NOT having my parents there for me whenever/wherever. Their support is so amazing and so appreciated and so selfless that I can't truly explain how lucky I really am.

Anyway, my mom showed up at my house like super nanny with a bag of their favorite foods in hand after a shaky call begging for help feeding/bathing/chasing my super active children. She plopped my icky-sick butt onto my couch and ordered me to let her take care of everything as daddy-o couldn't even make it out of bed except to puke. Food, games, baths, teeth and bedtime all handled, she demanded to do the dishes (like I'm going to say no)and then headed home leaving me a quiet house and the chance to head off to bed and finally pass out.

She's amazing ya'll, a true rock star of a mom and grandma...

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