Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For the love of my Mei Tai Carrier!

When I was pregnant with Brookie I decided that I wanted to buy myself a new baby carrier and was hoping to find myself something more comfortable than the Baby B*jorn that I used with Lukey that always seemed to kill my back if I wore him for more that an hour. At the time my sister was purchasing a bunch of handmade items for her upcoming wedding from a lovely website called ETSY.COM ,so I logged on to see if I could find a carrier. I came across a woman who made BEAUTIFUL, REASONABLY-PRICED, HANDMADE carriers and placed an order for my one-off mei tai carrier. What is a mei tai carrier you may ask? Well, a mei tai carrier is, in it's most basic form, a square of fabric with 4 straps, one at each corner that you tie onto your body to carry your baby. The one that I ordered was so much more than that. I was able to chose two different fabric patterns, one for the inside and another for the outside, and she sewed it with a pocket in the front for anything you may need to bring with you as well as a handy little binkie strap so the munchkin could reach it and not be able to throw it! Anyway, it turned out beautiful and the turn around time from order to receiving it was super speedy. Here's a few pictures of the sample and the finished product.


Here's a link to her store on Etsy:

My Blessed Baby


Shari@aPsychMommy said...

That's a beautiful carrier! I am addicted to baby wearing and I have five carriers already--but this one is tempting!

Mommy D said...

I loved the black and white damask pattern, but ended up ordering mine in a whimsical sushi pattern on a red background. My joke was that I was wearing what I couldn't eat while I was pregnant. I have a slight addiction to sushi so foregoing it while prego was super difficult :)

Anonymous said...

i am a lover of carriers...i will have to check this one out. your kiddos are super cute by the way!

Mommy D said...

Thank you! Not sure where their blond hair came from, but I think they're the cutest!