Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She crawls!

So last weekend was our 4th anniversary and both of the munchkins were at my mom and dad's house so we could have a little parent time. When I dropped Brooklyn off I casually mentioned to my mom that it looked like she had all of the movements down to crawl, but had yet to figure out the putting it all together part. Her arms were doing the army crawl thing and her legs were shuffling forward, but they couldn't both do it at the same time.

By the time we picked them up, 24 hrs later, she was full on crawling and damn proud of her cool new skill! Crap... Does that mean that I really have to keep up with 2 kids on the move now? Where did the last 7 months go? It's so cool to watch her pop herself up into a downward facing dogish position, wiggle for a bit, and then drop to her knees and be off like a little lightning bolt. I'm so in for it people... I can already tell that girl's got quite a lot of me in her and I'm really in for it.

She's hit so many milestones lately... Maybe we'll finally be getting a tooth here soon?

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